A Host of the Holidays

The holiday season has finally arrived and what better way to prepare for it, than with some “little helpers” to sparkle your kitchen!

The kitchen is known as the heart of the house, and why not let it become a part of your guests’ hearts as well. Every home entertainer has their unique cooking style and way of entertaining. That is where Exclusive Sales and Rentals, comes in to help you create your dream kitchen. With an array of exceptional combinations of appliances to meet your needs.

Let’s start off by exploring a key vocal point of the kitchen, which is the Sub-Zero and Wolf gas range (product info below). This range is born of professional kitchens, and with all its features you can do it all confidently. Imagine the impeccable pancakes you can be making on the infrared griddle for breakfast on Christmas morning, or the mouthwatering tenderloin for dinner on the infrared broiler. The range takes in center stage, but it needs assistance in order to make delicious and fresh food from its partner in crime the Sub-Zero and Wolf refrigerator.

The holidays not only bring in families together, but also friends we have not seen in months or even years! A good entertainer knows that at given point of time they need to be prepared to host unexpected guests. And what better way to prepare than with some exceptional cooling appliances too. The Sub-Zero and Wolf refrigerator (product info below) will help you prepare delicious appetizers with the fresh ingredients from the build-in refrigerator. Or you may offer the homemade holiday ice cream that’s been staying cool in the freezer.

With these appliances you can be the ultimate host ready for anything this holiday season!

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