Young and Hungry just wrapped season 2 with a huge “What now?!” moment. The crazy love-triangle between Gabi, Josh, and Cooper was just too much to bear.

But did you know there was another love triangle going on? It involved three of our Sub Zero pieces : Two built-in, stainless steel fridges with glass doors, and an under-counter wine-fridge.

The small kitchen at Josh’s house was a major part of the show. The cast spent most of their time in the kitchen, and in the dining area which was only feet away. The duo-fridges stood side-by-side, making a strong presence in Josh’s kitchen. The wine fridge, positioned under the island counter, was able to make it into almost every kitchen and living room scene. Because of this, the three fridges gained maximum exposure.

Expect to see this trio again in season 3.




648 PROG

648 PROG


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