Dreading the hassle of remodeling your kitchen? Then let us show you how some South Bay locals benefitted from the partnership between Exclusive Sales and Rentals (ESR) and De Bilt Homes, a homebuilding and design company.

The project was a complete rebuild leaving the kitchen with only four bare walls, and therefore allowed the designers’ creativity to prosper. De Bilt’s Dominique Lobjois and her husband, Gustave Stroes designed a modern take on the traditional farm house in the heart of El Segundo, a hidden jewel beach side community just south of the Los Angeles International Airport.


As seen in the before and after pictures, we greatly applaud Dominique Lobjois and Gustave Stroes for their exceptional work. The design follows this season’s most popular trend of a white-on-white kitchen accented with exceptional stainless steel appliances and reclaimed wood ceilings. As featured in our Exclusive Sales and Rentals seasonal online magazine, Lush Living, we talked about this trend and offer easy ways to how to incorporate them in your very own kitchen as well.


From left to right: Asko Built in Dishwasher P-D5424XLS, Air King 46” x 22” Hood Liner w Blower P-LIN46MD-1200, Wolf 48” gas range, and a Sharp 24″ Microwave Drawer P-KB-6524PS

The appliances pictured above are as follows: The red knob beauty also known as the Wolf 48” gas range, which will allow you to discover a whole new perspective to the art of cooking. The Wolf range is paired with an Air King 46” Hood Liner. To the right of the range is the Sharp 24″ Microwave Drawer. Sharp is a perfect example of showing us how creativity never stops, and somehow managed to maintain the same size as other 24” models, but its larger 1.2 cubic feet interior is now capable of holding a 20 oz. cup! You can now warm your coffee or tea that you bought from your favorite coffee shop. Also pictures is the Asko Built in Dishwasher that does not require any pre-rinsing! In fact, they have a system called SCS™ (Super Cleaning System) that takes care of that for you.


Our clients could not be happier with their modern farm house kitchen and can finally entertain to the fullest. If this spring you are looking to make your kitchen truly the heart of your home, Exclusive Sales and Rentals can help you achieve your dream kitchen with the world’s most luxurious kitchen appliances.

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applegate1Camera ready? Don’t worry, we mean your kitchen! If you have been thinking about updating your kitchen with the latest appliances then let us show you how actress Christina Applegate accomplished hers with some help from the partnership between Exclusive Sales and Rentals and Laurel & Wolf, an online interior design firm.

The Married with Children star and proud mother of one turned to Laurel & Wolf to design her new kitchen. Applegate completed the online Laurel & Wolf style quiz outlining her personal style and desire specifications, and was paired with designer Jessica Today.





The two collaborated and as you can see from the pictures above (featuring the incredible “before” and “after” side-by-side comparisons) the transformation is truly striking and memorable. A beautiful white-on-white kitchen accented with dark hardwood floors completes the look. As featured in our Exclusive Sales and Rentals latest seasonal online magazine, Lush Living, we talked about how white-on-white kitchens are one of the most popular trends this season. So, make sure to check out our kitchen design ideas on how to incorporate this trend in your kitchen as well.


Applegate’s kitchen features luxury appliances such as: Sub-Zero 36″ Integrated All Fridge with an internal water dispenser and a Sub-Zero 24″ Integrated All Freezer. Here’s a little challenge for you! Go ahead and try to spot the refrigerator and freezer. We will give you a *hint*: it is a dual installation. Did you find them? The fridge-freezer are located just to the left of the sink in custom white. Sub-Zero pioneered this concept of built-in refrigeration, blending its iconic refrigerators into the world’s most beautiful kitchen designs. The next appliance is easier to spot; it’s the Wolf 36″ Gas Range, 6 Burner that was designed with Wolf’s 36″ Downdraft System. A brilliant innovation, the Wolf downdraft rises 14 inches from the countertop to whisk away smoke and odors.

applegate5 applegate6

Christina Applegate could not be happier with her new custom kitchen. If you want your kitchen to be camera ready as well with luxury kitchen appliances, then look no further then Exclusive Sales and Rentals to help you achieve your dream kitchen.

*For sales inquiries on Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances, please contact us at

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desktop (2)


The holiday season has finally arrived and what better way to prepare for it, than with some “little helpers” to sparkle your kitchen! The kitchen is known as the heart of the house, and why not let it become a part of your guests’ hearts as well. Every home entertainer has their unique cooking style and way of entertaining. That is where Exclusive Sales and Rentals, comes in to help you create your dream kitchen. With an array of exceptional combinations of appliances to meet your needs.


Let’s start off by exploring a key vocal point of the kitchen, which is the Sub Zero & Wolf gas range (product info below). This range is born of professional kitchens, and with all its features you can do it all confidently. Imagine the impeccable pancakes you can be making on the infrared griddle for breakfast on Christmas morning, or the mouthwatering tenderloin for dinner on the infrared broiler. The range takes in center stage, but it needs assistance in order to make delicious and fresh food from its partner in crime the Sub Zero & Wolf refrigerator.

BI-42UFD_ProHanldes_Open_Doors_DrawerThe holidays not only bring in families together, but also friends we have not seen in months or even years! A good entertainer knows that at given point of time they need to be prepared to host unexpected guests. And what better way to prepare than with some exceptional cooling appliances too. The Sub Zero & Wolf refrigerator (product info below) will help you prepare delicious appetizers with the fresh ingredients from the build-in refrigerator. Or you may offer the homemade holiday ice cream that’s been staying cool in the freezer.

With these appliances you can be the ultimate host ready for anything this holiday season!

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